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Manchester Pride

When there have been so many major announcements relating to Pride events all over the country, how do you top the buzz around Britney?

Use Facebook Live to deploy an awesome, short-form, creatively led ‘Tarot Reading’ video to release the MCR Pride Line-up and give people a taste of how the MCR Pride event provides the best Pride experience in the country.

The Challenge

The team at Manchester Pride challenged Mustard Media to break the mould in event marketing and produce an innovative announcement strategy for their annual fundraiser, The Big Weekend. With a broad target audience ranging from Scissor Sisters to Pete Tong fans, we had to come up with a creative idea that would connect with everyone; one that would take over news feeds, dominate the social space and compete with some of Europe’s biggest festivals and LGBT events.

The Idea

With over 50 artists booked to play and a brand new theme for this year, the ‘Circus of Acceptance’ we needed a way to make a short, sharp snappy announcement that would instantly capture the attention of our audiences - after multiple brainstorming sessions we came up with the perfect idea, a ‘tarot card reading’ deployed via Facebook Live, one which we knew our audiences would love.

Artists names were revealed on special ‘Big Weekend’ tarot cards. ‘Just show us the full line-up!’ - some might think. We did too, so we integrated an mechanism into the live video whereby prize cards were integrated into the deck in order to keep people locked in from start to finish. Finally, to satisfy those eager beavers we followed the live video up with the full line-up poster. By the end, the video generated a highly engaged audience pool who we could then remarket to through digital advertising to eventually convert into ticket buyers.

The Results

Our short-form creative strategy direction proved to be extremely successful, resulting in the best performing line-up announcement since The Big Weekend first started over 10-years ago. The line-up video racked up 6,500 views and over 2,100 comments, a great result given that the live video only ran for 5 minutes. On top of this, the full line-up poster reached half a million people, driving over 13,000 reactions, comments & shares and 2,300 clicks to the website directly from this one, single post. 4,600 unique users visited the website by the end of the launch day, which resulted in a 5% increase on ticket sales in comparison to the same period from the previous campaign. That’s how you top the buzz around Britney.

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