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How in-Event Coverage Can Benefit Future Marketing Campaigns

How in-Event Coverage Can Benefit Future Marketing Campaigns

Our experience at AMP Lost & Found Festival

by Sophie Massey
Marketing Executive
19th September 2018
You’ve worked solidly for the past 11 months, creating and implementing numerous marketing strategies in order to drive ticket sales for your annual event/festival, once the event arrives you can sit back, relax and wait for the event photographers and videographers to get to work, right? Wrong. A common misconception within event marketing is that whilst/once the event is taking place, the marketing activity can stop, but in actual fact, in-event marketing coverage can not only promote your event on the day, but aid in the marketing of future campaigns. Using Annie Mac Presents: Lost & Found Festival as an example, this blog will explore the benefits of that in- event social media coverage can have on current and future marketing campaigns.

The festival/music event scene is one that has become saturated over recent years, with hundreds of brands wanting to be at the forefront of their audiences choice. Therefore, the notion of ‘Here and Now’ is an important one, as is, your brand personality. The way in which you write and deploy things is something the consumer remembers and buys into, so explore ways in which you can stand out in the social media stratosphere- take risks, be different!

In event-coverage is a great way to put everything you have been promoting for the past 11 months into practice, you can shift from the angle of a sales driven ‘Come to our event’ message, to showing your audience that your festival/event actually is great in real-time… Which leads nicely onto the second point of discussion. Psychological triggers can be used within in-event marketing, triggering thoughts of nostalgia in previous customers or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which could lead to onboarding a new clientele for future campaigns, if we take The Rule of Seven into account (the marketing notion that one needs to hear/see their advertisers message seven times before converting), in-event marketing can activate a number of times your consumer will see your event/festival. We used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Instagram story during the festival, posting photos and videos in real-time as the moment was captured, so the audience who did not convert for the 2018 festival could follow the weekend as if they were attending, giving subtle hints to the 2019 registration page along the social journey.

At AMP Lost & Found Festival, we used a number of different on site marketing tools in order to promote the 2018 festival in motion, but to also generate excitement and drive sign ups for the 2019 festival. A series of DJ sets were live streamed through our Facebook page and artist pages in collaboration with Be At TV, by using copy such as ‘This could be you next year…’ alongside a drive to our pre-registration page. By streaming through the artist pages as well as our own festival page, we potentially welcomed new audiences who weren’t previously aware of what AMP Lost & Found Festival was.

Instagram live videos were also a platform we explored this year (everyone who follows your events Instagram page gets instantly notified when a page is going live).
Instagram stories were used throughout the festival to give a point of view focus on the festival, as if the person behind the phone were enjoying the festival themselves. These stories ranged from artist interviews, scenic imagery, videos and images of DJ sets, we sparingly used the ‘swipe up’ feature to drive people to our 2019 sign-up page. One thing to remember is, don’t be too sales focussed, take the ‘Here & Now’ notion that was discussed earlier into account, do push your next campaign, but also take the time to embrace and enjoy the event in motion, this will make your attending audience feel prioritised. Another way we made the attendees feel prioritised using the ‘Here & Now’ notion, was to highlight specific moments that happened during the festival, through Instagram stories and tweets; whether that bee funny moments,capturing friends dance etc. This then however aided our post festival marketing, triggering nostalgia for festival goers, asking them ‘Who remembers when xxx happened?!’ allows for the 2018 audience to re-live a sense of nostalgia whilst inviting potential 2019 customers into the festival.

Annual event/festival promotion comes full circle, if you have no content from the event taking place, how can the following years event(s) be promoted? Likes, shares, comments; all this engagement is exactly what you need from your customers, it’s free promotion! In event coverage is also a great way to capture a bank of content for your following campaign, let’s say you post one retrospective piece of content per week over your 12 month campaign, that’s 52 pieces of content already covered. This is something we’ve tried and tested with AMP Lost & Found, the retrospective content not only hits the psychological triggers in previous attendees as previously discussed, but gives new audiences a glimpse into what they are buying into.

In-event marketing is something that with AMP Lost & Found Festival, has benefitted the festival greatly, over the 4 day festival we generated over 3500 sign ups, which then progressed to significant ticket sales for the 2019 festival. By marketing the 2019 festival whilst the 2018 campaign was still running, using the marketing tools and techniques above, AMP Lost & Found Festival successfully sold a high percentage of tickets for the 2019 festival, without an innate sales driven message.